Telemedicine is about ready to just explode

Every year the CHIME and the HIMSS together choose a CIO of the year. Healthcare IT News interviews them and ask what they envision for healthcare IT 10 years ahead.

James Turnbell, University of Utah Health Care and CIO of the year 2012, envisions an explosion of telemedicine. He says: “Not traditional telemedicine where we think of a doctor or a patient doing a consult with a doctor in a remote location, but telemedicine with the patient themselves within their home settings. And, that’s so inexpensive. It’s very inexpensive on the technology side. You really need to change your care delivery model and resources that you have here at the hospital that are supporting that delivery system.”

Vitaphone definitely agrees with this, and we not only think this will be possible in the future; it is already available. Our solutions empowers clients in their home setting. For example: our Tele-ECG-card. With this card a client can make an ECG recording whenever they want. And it’s not bigger than a credit card. The ECG is sent to the consulting cardiologist by telephone; quick and easy. Vitaphone will introduce more developments like this.

Source: HealthcareITNews

Author: Vitaphone Nederland

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2 thoughts on “Telemedicine is about ready to just explode

  1. Eric I Mitchell MD (@drheartbeat7) says:

    I agree that the three places where telehealth must go is the home, the office and in the car. The ease of use is the most important element that we must marry to the concept of telehealth. The solution must be data, video and audio for real time intervention. The healthcare provider must also get paid. This will indeed empower the patient in the 21st Century model. I have a VideoHealth™ Solution.

  2. Jeremy Green says:

    I agree 100%, the telemedicine industry is ready to explode. It really is the right time and place to be in the telemedicine business like we are!

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