Care is going to be much more efficient!

Dan Bowman at FierceHealthIT made a list of ten technologies, for hospitals, to watch in 2013. On the second place we find the mobile health devices. To us, it’s not a surprise to see this, because mobile health devices have the future. And the ECRI director states: “The lack of supporting evidence is the main reason for the slow adoption of these new mobile technologies.” Supporting evidence has been described in Yorkshire and Leicester in the United Kingdom. The report states that “telehealth does produce savings”. Telehealth can reduce hospital admissions, provide care at home and improve patient outcomes.

Telehealth is not the same as mobile health devices. Vitaphone sees great value in combining these developments. Mobile health devices offer more information about the patient for the care professional. Let us take the example of our ECG recorders. These provide information about the cardiac events which took place and this info will be automatically send to the cardiologist. If you could combine this with our medication adherence support system. You can see the relationship between medication adherence and cardiac events. With telehealth technology, the physician can give feedback to the client in their own environment. In this way, care can be much more efficient organized!

Sources:  FierceHealthIT, 2020Health and BuildingBetterHeathcare

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