Patients need to take initiative to change healthcare

The digitalization of the healthcare industry is questionably the biggest shakeup in the history of medicine according to cardiologist Eric Topol, a professor of genomics at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego and author of “The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care”. The opinion of Mr. Topol is that the public will be key in the change of a slow reacting to a more responsive healthcare to new IT trends. We need to take initiative and ask our physicians why they’re using old tools or sending us for outdated tests.

We, at Vitaphone, agree that healthcare is on the verge of a digital revolution. Our experience confirms the statement that it’s “slow moving”. But if a healthcare professional eventually starts to use our solutions like our ECG loop recorders, the change will be more rapid. In this way they can diagnose more patients, more quickly and more accurately. Often the patients don’t have to be at the hospitals to diagnose them anymore. Patients can send important and accurate information about their symptoms through modern technologies. And as soon as patients recognize these advantages, they will certainly start asking for it. And the digitalization takes a new step…

What is your opinion about the influence of patients on the speed of the digitalization? Leave a comment below.

Source: FierceHealthIT

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