Too much spill of medicines

Pharmacies are signaling that there is too much spill of medicines through the provision of excessive packaging and quantities. This problem has come to daylight through a survey among 1084 pharmacies in the Netherlands. Changes in prescriptions and non-adherence to therapy are also leading to spillage. We think we have to do something against this. Our PICO solution will reduce the non-adherence to therapy and the medication is pre-packed personally for each patient so there will be no excessive quantities. The US is realizing how imported patient adherence and compliance is. The budgets to improve adherence are quickly rising. The patient adherence budgets already rose 281 % from 2009 to 2012. So the averaged budget in 2009 was $400,000 and it reached in 2012 a whopping $1,525,000. Such a huge budget is not even necessary for PICO implementation: it generates no extra costs.

Sources: BusinessWire & Pharmamarketeer

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