DIA EuroMeeting Reviewed

René demonstrating RemosECG 100BT

René demonstrating RemosECG 100BT

At DIA EuroMeeting 2013 many exhibitors presented their solutions to the audience. Vitaphone demonstrated the medication adherence improver PICO and RemosECG 100 monitoring device. With the ECG device a patient can make ECG recordings from his/her own surroundings and the ECG will be send automatically to an ISO certified service center. Kai Langel, Director eClinicalHealth liked it that much that he mentioned our solutions in his blog.

Kai Langel wrote about us:

“Vitaphone, a telemedicine provider had some very interesting products on display. I was especially impressed with their Vitaphone RemosECG product, which is an ECG meter that offers the kind of patient usability I’m looking for. Basically, it’s a remote ECG device, which you simply hold to your chest and press one button to start recording your ECG, which the device then automatically sends to a central server where it can be reviewed by a medical professional. In a clinical study setting, this device can help eliminate unnecessary visits and make life a little bit easier for both the patient and the site personnel.”

Source: eClinicalHealth blog

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