Mobile, the future of clinical trials

Patient reported outcomes (PROs) are getting increasingly important for all phases of clinical studies to provide accurate information on the status of a patient’s health condition and how they are being affected by certain treatments. There are also concerns going on about the, now in use, paper-based PRO tools because of the lack of adherence and the low levels of control. Mobile technology is going to be much more important in the future because it can aid cost-efficiency and secure patient adherence to medication. This is will be very important particularly in global clinical trials.

The mobile device acceptance is at least reaching 86% of the global population by 2011, totaling almost 6 billion connections, I think is the perfect tool to get the most reliable data collection. With a mobile device you can not only check if the medication has been taken or not, you can also deliver support so the medication, if forgotten, is still being taken. Vitaphone is convinced that a mobile device is the easiest way for people to answer questionnaires and remind them of such, that it will play a vital role in providing accurate, secure and sustainable reporting.

Vitaphone offers exactly this tailored clinical trial services >

Also read the article below, page 27 about clinical trials.

Journal Patient Compliance volume 3, issue 1

1=International Telecommunication Union. Key statistical highlights: ITU data release June 2012

Sources: Patient Compliance Media,

Author: Indy Kavelaars, LinkedIn

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One thought on “Mobile, the future of clinical trials

  1. Vitaphone says:

    Look at this interesting fact-sheet about the potential for digital health in the UK!

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