Synchronous telehealth intervention reduces costs

A quasi-experimental clinical study in Taiwan has researched the cost-effectiveness of a synchronous telehealth service for seniors and non-seniors with cardiovascular diseases. Conclusion of the study is that synchronous telehealth intervention may reduce costs, decreases all-cause admission rates and decreases durations of all-cause hospital stays in cardiovascular disease patients, regardless of age. Our experiences tell us the same.

In the study, 3 components of telehealth services were provided. Firstly, real-time transmission of biometrics from the patients was sent to the health care team, including blood pressure, pulse rate, electrocardiography, oximetry, and glucometry. Glucometry was performed in patients with diabetes mellitus and those with impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance. Nondiabetic patients did not have glucometry as a telemonitoring module. Each transmitted clinical biometric was recorded in health record clouds that were under synchronous surveillance by the Telehealth Center at NTUH. Second, there were telephone exchanges between the health care team and patients for communication and health promotion. Third, full-time case managers and cardiologists were in charge of care 24 hours a day. The telehealth services included health education, diet therapy, fluid status evaluation, drug adverse effects evaluation, drug compliance monitoring, mood or emotion care, and patient surveillance through the advanced information technology-based monitor system.

We are impressed by the integration of all telehealth components. Vitaphone is a full telehealth service provider and it is stimulating to see the results. Especially with cardiovascular diseases, because we are a leading partner in ECG monitoring. We expect to see telehealth be implemented not only for cardiovascular disease but also for people with other medical conditions. Care support at everyone’s fingertips for a more cost-effective healthcare!

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: JMIR

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