Changing the world of healthcare

Some time ago I wrote a blog about the cardiologist and healtcare visionary Eric Topol. Like Eric, Vitaphone understands that patients need to take initiative to change the healthcare industry.

This week, Eric states that “it is the most exciting, momentous time in the history of medicine. For the first time, we can rapidly and affordably sequence a human genome. We have sensors that can remotely track virtually any physiologic metric, from vital signs to glucose to intraocular pressure. Medicine is thus poised for its biggest shakeup ever as it transforms to a more precise, individualized, and democratized model”. With Mr Topol’s appointment at Medscape he will help capture this excitement, the changes and opportunities, along with the challenges and the need for validation.

Professor, we hope you will follow us too because we have some solutions which are on the verge of changing the world of healthcare.

Source: Medscape

Author: Indy Kavelaars

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One thought on “Changing the world of healthcare

  1. Stephen Schofield says:

    Excellent and very valid message.

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