Vitaphone, where technology touches emotions!

Over here, at Vitaphone, we travel the world to give demonstrations and convince healthcare professionals it is really more efficient to work with our devices and services in contrast to the “old fashioned way”. I think we are pretty successful in this and that is something to be proud of! That’s why you find this weblog about the different reactions on our devices and services.

During our live demonstrations, doctors, nurses and patients are amazed of the technology Vitaphone provides.

Not only is the loop recorder a clever little device, which is simple to program for arrhythmia detection, but when the ECG recordings are transmitted and appear in the computer inbox faster than you can walk 6 steps then it creates true excitement. Minds then start to race, thinking of the benefits: “Immediate patient problems seen, faster to treat, saves lives, saves time, saves cash and no more laborious headache creating, mind draining sitting at an ECG analysis machine.”

Vitaphone offers automated mobile ECG recording. In 2012 we processed more than 250.000 ECG recordings from more than 30 different hospitals/diagnostic-centers in The Netherlands.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

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One thought on “Vitaphone, where technology touches emotions!

  1. Johanna Rivas says:

    Well we need one because telehealth is evolving so rapidly. We can see that the nature of telehealth services is changing rapidly as well. Possibly there may be a hundred-and-one different aspects of telehealth from medication compliance to helping care for someone with dementia all these things are in the mix. A code of practice will establish a benchmark quality standard to which we hope anyway to which telehealth services will reach across Europe and will provide the safe guards which are necessary in such an area of care and support.

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