Remote monitoring of cardiac electronic implants is a success!

Our German Vitaphone colleague’s participated in a very successful clinical study. In this study, monitoring devices for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices used our telemedical service center (TmSC). The objective was to investigate if this concept improved the patient’s and physician’s satisfaction. In the scheme you find situation A as the old situation, with no TmSC, and B as the new situation, with our TmSC.

Telemedicine Service Center - Vitaphone

Telemedicine Service Center – Vitaphone

This study shows that 64% of the patients experienced an overall better care and 73% felt a feeling of increased security.
Among 17 physicians from 10 sites, 65% experienced that the TmSC contributed to an overall better patient care. The majority of physicians appreciated the improved feeling of security for the patient (82%), a faster reaction to home monitoring messages (71%), and a more time-efficient use of home monitoring (71%). Furthermore, nearly half of physicians thought they were able to improve treatment efficacy and their relationship to the patient because of the timely receipt of relevant information from the TmSC, compared with potentially infrequent home monitoring data analysis by their own in a busy clinical routine.

Source: Liebertpub

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