Reviewed: ACRON Symposium Clinical Trials

Vitaphone presented its telemedicine solutions for clinical trials during the “ACRON Symposium Clinical trials in an Electronic World and the impact of technology on patients”. We did this through a live demonstration of our ECG monitoring and medication adherence systems.

We really turned some heads when dr. Erik Fransen (our CMO) recorded his own ECG and the audience received this ECG within seconds after recording on their smart phone!

Our medication adherence support system, the PICO, goes further than that; it tracks the intake of the study medication, and it supports the study patients in this. This ensures an optimal medication adherence and more legitimate study results.

One of the quotes heard, was that; “Clinical trials did not change for the last century and they really need to. With help of modern technical solutions all kind of trial processes can be optimized”. With Vitaphone’s ECGs recorders e.g. patients can record and send ECGs from their home, from all around the globe. No more traveling to the hospital for this. Our motto is “move data, not patients”.

We generally noticed that more and more people involved in clinical trials recognize the huge advantages telemedicine could bring for them. Therefore, we think we are on a verge of a digital revolution in the clinical trials world, and we are front-runners in that.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

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2 thoughts on “Reviewed: ACRON Symposium Clinical Trials

  1. Lowell H. Austin says:

    The secrecy that has long surrounded drug-industry trials is crumbling. Scientists are applauding drug giant Glaxo­SmithKline (GSK) for its announcement last week that it will make the trove of detailed raw data underlying its clinical trials systematically available to researchers. And GSK’s move — the first such commitment for a big player in the industry — is just the beginning. Starting next year, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) intends to open up access to all new clinical-trial data sets it receives from industry for product registration.

  2. Arturo P. Mills says:

    This data has been collected by the EMA since 2005 as part of revisions to pharmaceutical legislation to increase emphasis on the ethical standards required of clinical trials conducted in third countries in response to concerns about how well these trials are conducted from an ethical and scientific standpoint.

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