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In the article “Investing in online technology” our country manager for the UK, Steve Schofield, shares his vision of telehealth:

“The UK has been using telehealth in a fairly primitive way so far, as data has been transmitted by normal telephone lines, but we can provide much more advanced technology to improve services and make them more efficient,” says Steve Schofield, Vitaphone country manager for the UK. “We can now use Bluetooth technology to send test results received from patients directly to GPs, speeding up the process significantly and we have a technical centre which can offer support to GPs in interpreting the results. I think one of the factors blocking the expansion of telehealth is that many GPs do not feel confident about evaluating the results of patient checks as they are not generalists.” The most likely scenario is that there will be no “Big Bang” explosion of telehealth in the UK, but its gradual introduction in different parts of the health service will ensure that it becomes entrenched in the delivery of care, with patients becoming increasingly familiar with the technology. In the longer term, the real advantage may not be cost savings to the NHS nor even better outcomes, but the greater choice it can give patients in determining how and where they are treated in a way that will recast their relationship with clinicians.”


Services provided by Telehealth

  • Direct patient monitoring using body sensors
  • ECG, blood pressure monitoring, INR, blood glucose, breath spirometer, weight monitoring
  • Personal health monitoring
  • Health programmes giving lifestyle advice and comparison statistics, such as weight and blood cholesterol levels
  • Drug adherence ensuring medication prescribed is taken
  • Pico automatic drug dispenser/notifier/monitor providing electronic alerts when medication is not taken
  • Medical surveillance service centres offering support for clinicians
  • Emergency services notification for automatic patient alerts
  • Hospitals, GPs and community networking connecting healthcare providers.

Source: Vitaphone

As originally seen in “Investing in online technology” published by Raconteur Media on 26-06-2013 in The Times.

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