Clinical trials are flourishing in developing countries

This is no surprise because clinical trials are heavily depending on labor costs of healthcare professionals. These professionals are just cheaper in developing countries. But we do not think this is the only way clinical trials can save money and be more accurate too. Vitaphone is convinced that technology is key in this. Most of our technology is self-explaining to the user and needs to be setup once by the healthcare professional.

The article “Clinical trial logistics and the globalization of clinical trials” also stated: “In Large parts of the Western world, there is an increasingly bureaucratic and expensive regulatory system. Over recent years, the regulations governing clinical research have become progressively more complex meaning companies have to be more cautious when it comes to compliance and associated concerns. Such regulations are designed to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of clinical trials, but are often deemed to be uncoördinated and increasingly complex to understand.”

We can’t change politics, but we can offer technology that really helps CROs to work efficient. We can provide accurate and promptly available digital patient data!

Source: Journal for clinical studies

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Editing: René Stenvert

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