American adherence average grade: C+

A study to research the medication adherence has been conducted among American adults of 40 years and older with an ongoing prescription of chronic medication. This study was commissioned by the NCPA, National Community Pharmacists Association, and conducted by the research firm Langer Research Associates.

The National Report Card on Adherence is based on an average of answers to questions on nine non-adherent behaviors. Whether or not, in the past 12 months, patients:

  1. Failed to fill or refill a prescription;
  2. Missed a dose;
  3. Took a lower or higher dose than prescribed;
  4. Stopped a prescription early;
  5. Took an old medication for a new problem without consulting a doctor;
  6. Took someone else’s medicine; or
  7. Forgot whether they’d taken a medication.

The medication adherence of this target group, which represent 30% of all adults, scored a poor C+. This means that most of this group had one or two non-adherence behaviors over the last year. 1 on 7 people scored a F, which means four or more non-adherence behaviors in the last year.

Non-adherence can threaten patients’ health individually as well as ad vast costs to the health care system – an estimated $290 billion annually.1 The PICO Medication Adherence Management System reduces the non-adherence behaviors significantly. PICO notifies the patient and/or the caregiver when needed. Through medication prepackaging the PICO not only supports the patients with their medication intake but also helps to reduce medication errors.

PICO connects with the patient and restores their independence.

National Medication Adherence Report Card

National Medication Adherence Report Card
Amount of non-adherence behavior(s) last year:
A: No
B: One
C: two
D: three
F: four or more

Source: NCPA

1 “Thinking Outside the Pillbox: A system-wide Apporoach to Improving Patient Adherence for Chronic Disease.” NEHI. 2009.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

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