Multiple Medication Adherence(MMA); What to do?

PICO with medication roll

PICO with medication roll

A study investigated the impact of MMA on the complications related to diabetes and/or hypertension. Some factors had a significant impact on the MMA like; older age, number of index medications, receiving care from a physician who prescribed statin more frequently and receiving care from the same physician for both diabetes and hypertension.

Using physician-related instrumental variables, MMA reduced the complications. The increase in MMA from 50% to 80% reduced the average predicted chance of the complication rate by 29.5%.

Healthcare needs tools to increase MMA. One of the best tools is the medication roll in combination with the PICO. The medication for each intake moment is pre-packaged in a pouch. This pouch has printed information on it about when each pouch needs to be taken. The PICO-medication roll combination will now notify the user when the medication needs to be taken. If the medication hasn’t been taken, it will notify (for example) your care professional and/or family.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: Medical Care, Jan 1, 2013

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