Predictors of non-adherence

Predictors of non-adherence with blood pressure regimens were subject of research in the following clinical study. Starting point is that hypertension is very poorly controlled in patients with hemodialysis. The study of 118 hemodialysis patients was conducted to determine the relationship between demographic/psychosocial factors and adherence with blood pressure related regimens. These regimens were fluid restriction, blood pressure medication adherence and adherence to hemodialysis treatment.

The predictors of non-adherence are
– younger age
– male sex
– decreased social support
– depression

Medication adherence was related to younger age and inversely related to depression!
The PICO Medication Adherence Support System is a solution that can be easily adopted by younger patients! The PICO Portal provides a quick and sophisticated overview of the adherence status.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: Dovepress

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