eBook: Telehealth monitoring

First I want to set something straight; telehealth/telemedicine comprises technologies that supports healthcare in a very wide range, and not only video conferencing as mentioned in this eBook.
Reimbursement—or lack thereof—remains one of the sticking points for providers that want to expand telemedicine services. B Chris Wasden, Global health innovation leader for PwC: “To make telehealth more successful and sustainable, it needs to mimic the prescription model. We’re seeing movement in this direction with health monitoring solutions, where a physician has been able to order the product, send the patient home and arrange for in-home training.”

In the Netherlands we see initiatives to get a “telepharmacie” compensation; the physician can order this type of support. But many physicians aren’t even aware of this.

Jon Linkous chief executive officer of the American Telemedicine Association states: “Sustainability starts with integrating the service into physician workflow and organization strategy”. Spread the word!

Quote FierceHealthIT

Quote FierceHealthIT

I also think, like Michael McConnel, it is necessary to move from a model which rewards delivering care to a model that rewards delivering care more efficiently and even get paid for keeping people healthy.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: FierceHealthIT, eBook, Telehealth Monitoring: Creating Profitable, Sustainable Programs

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