Chronic diseases threaten to overwhelm Europe’s healthcare system

The goal of this research was to pinpoint where the problems and solutions are to tackle chronic diseases and to extend healthy life years. Some very interesting results of this research:

  1. Between 70% and 80% of European healthcare costs are spent on chronic care, amounting to €700bn in the EU. Chronic diseases account for over 86% of deaths in the EU. This is huge and growing every day! To change this evolution, we need to change our mindset on delivering care
  2. Scientists believe the disease burden can be prevented and substantially delayed. “The four basics” of primary prevention are already known: a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol intake
  3. Not only primary prevention plays an important role in reducing the burden of chronic diseases also secondary (early diagnoses) and tertiary prevention (early intervention) activities are crucial. Vitaphone has several solutions to support people’s healthcare, especially on secondary and tertiary prevention
  4. It’s never too early to tackle chronic diseases. We agree: the earlier the diagnose, the better the disease control
  5. Chronic conditions are very different as acute conditions and so the care needs to be accordingly different organized. Vitaphone is offering solutions to manage chronic diseases in an adapted and affordable way
  6. Integration of medical services and other services such as mental health, in-home sanitary care, and instruction in self-monitoring and self-care methods are crucial components of creating an integrated, patient-centered chronic care system. I could not say it in a better way
  7. As part of patient-centered healthcare, patients should be encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves, with appropriate support from a variety of providers. Vitaphone thinks that reimbursement of healthcare needs to be changed dramatically to reach that goal

Let’s change our strategy on chronic healthcare!

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: Abbot Report, Never too early: Tackling chronic disease to extend healthy life years

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2 thoughts on “Chronic diseases threaten to overwhelm Europe’s healthcare system

  1. Sanjay says:

    NCD or Chronic diseases are posing a grave challenge not oly in developed economies like EU, even developing countries like India are facing humongous challenges in screening , management and better care of such patients.Technology certainly can be an abler for better patient management and keeping morbidity, mortality and cost down.

  2. Vitaphone says:

    Sanjay, thank you for your comment! I didn’t know it was such a problem in developing countries too. Are there telehealth/telemedicine/telecare technologies already in use in India? If yes, can you provide some examples?

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