Let’s implement healthy habits!

It is interesting to see how we repetitively check our phones. If we just could use this behaviour to get some health benefits. I found an article that describes how we can develop healthy habits. Let’s look over these strategies and tactics:

Strategy #1: Make it about life. Threaten in compliant people with worsening chronic illness if is really old school and highly ineffective. If we understand what the patient’s aspirations are (find a mate, look 10 years younger, get into a swimsuit, etc.) and tie our health-related messaging to those aspirations, we’ll have a better chance of long-term health improvement. So let the patient set the objectives and adapt to these!

Strategy #2: Make it personal. The more we know about the patient, the more we can send relevant messages. Google does this already on a large scale in personalized ads. Now let’s look at the Vitaphone services in all notification and reminding messages to patients, care givers, pharmacists ect. are personalized!

Strategy #3: Reinforce Social Connections. There are many motivating tools on the market these days – like incentives, games and coaching — but those with a social component tend to have a greater impact. While not universal, the desire for affiliation runs deep and none of us wants to appear unhealthy to our friends or family. Social networks are a powerful tool to increase accountability and adherence to care.

For so far the strategies, now the tactics;

Tactic #1: Employ Subliminal Messaging. My favourite example of this tactic is the very successful ‘truth campaign’ from the American Legacy Foundation. They have used every trendy teen utensil you can think of –from texting, to social media and from concerts to online voting. This is to educate teens how the tobacco industry manipulates them. It’s a fascinating tact. There is no admonishment about using tobacco per se, only lots of fun ways to bring teens into the conversation about how bad it is. Imagine every time you check your phone an unobtrusive brief message appeared about YOUR health issue and how to improve it.

Tactic #2: Use Unpredictable Rewards. B.F. Skinner proved that operant conditioning is more effective when the stimulus and reward are tied only some of the time. The taxi company Uber does this. From time to time, when you open the app you get a surprise (coupon, offer, etc.). That leads people to open the app even when they don’t need a ride!

Tactic #3: Use the Sentinel Effect. Patients tell they are diligent about sticking to the program because their nurse or carer is watching. This effect of having an authority figure look in on their life is a really powerful tool that can be used to effectively promote good health through mobility.

Some excellent strategies and tactics to implement healthy habits!

If you have some additional tactics or strategies please comment below.

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: cHealth

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