Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

As a diabetic, patients have to perform daily blood glucose measurements. To me, this seems to be an annoying procedure. There is a new development to test blood glucose level in a non-invasive way: measurement of the level with your own smart phone just by taking a picture of your eye. First you have to set the default value of your blood glucose by measuring your blood and fill it in the app and take a picture of your eye. Next images will relate the blood value to this default.

A Toledo-based startup called IRISense LLC is in the early stages of commercializing this idea. It will be a cheaper and a quicker solution but the question is: how will the healthcare community respond to this new diagnostic solution? It’s different to what we do now…and changing is always a problem! What do you think about this innovation? Leave your comment below.

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: MedcityNews

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