US Hospitals will be required to verify medication through bar codes

Patient safety experts press US government to increase bar code threshold for hospital medications.

In 2014 the US hospitals must verify 10% of their medication orders. We believe this percentage is far too low. For patient security, why not barcode all medication? The last barcode check can be done just before the medication will be taken. Some people think it should look like this:



But what if the patient has more than one type of medicine? Scanning all medication is very inefficient! This is why Vitaphone supports prepackaged medication on the PICO medication roll. Every intake moment is now barcoded and it looks like this:

Cartridge medication roll

Cartridge medication roll

The medication roll is situated on a cartridge so it can be easily installed in the PICO. The PICO reads the barcodes when the medication is taken from the roll and checks if this is the right medication at the right time for the right person. If this is not the case it will alert the user and the healthcare professional.


Vitaphone PICO medication adherence support system

Go to for more information or contact Vitaphone!

The instruction presentation is available at

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: HealthbizDecoded & CDWcommunit

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One thought on “US Hospitals will be required to verify medication through bar codes


    There is only one way to get a correct adherence to treatment, it is to involve the patient in their own treatment. That the patient is considered its own doctor and are account that the progress of your healing, are due to the same.

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