Health IT and e-health will dramatically change the future healthcare

In a comprehensive review of literature, including previously published systematic reviews and relevant individual studies, the authors predict that health IT and e-health will dramatically change the future of healthcare.

They estimate that if 30 percent of the community-based physicians’ offices fully implement health IT, the demand for physicians would be reduced by about 4-9 percent. We think that a fully implemented IT will lead to better exchange of health information with the result that possible interventions will happen earlier in the care process. Through delegation of care to nurse practitioners and physician assistants, enabled by health IT, the demand for physicians will reduce by another 4-7 percent. Similarly, IT-supported delegation from specialist physicians to generalists could reduce the demand for specialists by 2–5 percent. The use of health IT could also help address regional shortages of physicians by potentially enabling 12 percent of care to be delivered remotely. These estimated impacts could more than double if health IT systems were adopted by 70 percent of the US ambulatory care delivery settings.

We know that e-health and health-IT will change healthcare. We are convinced that the biggest change will happen in self-monitoring. When this self-monitoring gets connected to health IT and e-health systems, the changes will become even more dramatic.

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands
Source: The Impact Of Health Information Technology And e-Health On The Future Demand For Physician Services by  Jonathan P. Weiner, Susan Yeh and David Blumentha

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