Texting could be good for your health

Imagine: you have a medical problem and know why this problem exists. Next thing is that you receive a text message on a (very) frequent way to tell you (again) what is wrong with you. I think my participation wouldn’t last very long. Ah…that’s what they also found in a Detroit and Cincinnati study: only 39% stuck through 14 (!) weeks. But OK; this part of the test population learned more about their health situation. No idea if that did something with their health status.

What if this text message service was integrated with additional services, like telemonitoring with biosensors, bi-directional contact with caregiver, medication adherence support and personal attention? This should lead to impressive results! Technology is there…who will be first?

Auteur: Rene Stenvert @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: Uofm Health

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One thought on “Texting could be good for your health

  1. Sanjay says:

    sure shot for better care at lower cost..

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