ECRI & medication adherence

Early January is a great moment for our fortune tellers to predict the future of healthcare. Although we are more eager to understand how long the polar winds will continue to blow in North America and spring finally will end in Western Europe, these professionals tell us that we can expect in 2014 of healthcare improvements. Most of the time, the suggestions have a question mark at the end: “Roboman, Arise: Should You Offer Wearable Powered Exoskeleton Rehabilitation for Individuals with Paraplegia? The Pressure Is On: Is Catheter-based Renal Denervation for Treatment-resistant Hypertension a New Cash Cow or More Fuel for the Fire?”1. Well: I don’t have the answers.
Another question from the fortune tellers: “Will Intelligent Pills Magically Improve Medication Adherence and Prevent Readmissions?”1 . The answer is easy: no, they won’t. Because it’s not about ‘Intelligent Pills’ or ‘Prepacked Medication’ alone. It’s about the way you deal with the information. Did the patient take the pills: great news, no action is needed just sometimes a small tap on the shoulder so that the patients also know they are doing great. But if the Medication Adherence Support System registers that the pills haven’t been taken, action is needed. That can be a call, a sms or even a one-on-one meeting with the user. And the presentation of his/her results of the level of adherence. Plus personal attention. Only that way we can improve the 50% medication adherence that we experience today, according to WHO.

Author: Rene Stenvert @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: 1 ECRI

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