Fighting non-adherence

In a comprehensive publication in US Pharmacist, the Director of US Pharmacy’s Clinical Services, Mr. Meece, concludes that pharmacist-based assessment and monitoring can result in improved adherence to medication; in this case to insulin therapy. Mr. Meece found studies that report positive effect of pharmacist interventions on treatment outcomes and adherence. Medication therapy management (MTM) is a service designed to improve collaboration among pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals and enhance communication between patients and their healthcare team. Another tool is motivational interviewing (MI): a method for interacting with patients.

Although the results are (very) positive related to adherence, quality of life and healthcare costs (less hospitalizations), the pharmacist’s efforts to get these results are not the average activities in a pharmacy. It’s up to regulators to find the right incentives for pharmacists to use techniques like MTM and MI.

Nevertheless, this article stimulates companies like us to keep on supporting pharmacists with tools so they can further improve patient’s medication adherence!

Author: Rene Stenvert @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: Individualizing therapy for the patient with type 2 diabetes, US Pharmacist, September 2013

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