Another reason to use a medication adherence support system

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“Data from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES) from 2007 till 2010 shows that 77.9 million adults in the United States (33.0%) have hypertension.”[1]

This shows hypertension is a big problem and has a great impact on the healthcare community. 81.5% of the subjects were aware of their high blood pressure and 74.9% was treated for this condition. In 52.5% of the subjects who got medication the blood pressure was under control, but with 47.5% it wasn’t.

“An effective reduction of blood pressure is associated with a reduction of cardiovascular (CV) risk and with less cerebrovascular events and related morbidity and mortality. Most patients with hypertension (~75%) need a combination therapy and some (~25%) need three anti-hypertensive medications to lower their blood pressure enough.”[1]

In the past decade the hypertension guidelines evolved towards combination therapies. Combination therapies do enhance the potential to control the blood pressure in an earlier stage, without increasing the incidence of complications. Patients need to commit to the more complex medication schedule. These complex medication schedules create a bigger chance on medication errors. Pharmacists, healthcare organizations, home care, parents and relatives need and must support medication users! With PICO, Vitaphone supports both patients and the environment in a simple and efficient way.

Auteur: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: [1] Pubmed, Review of blood pressure control rates and outcomes

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