Accept the technical aids when caring for a dementia patient

Again it has become very clear how hard it is for informal caregivers to care for a person with dementia. Informal caregiving is stimulated by the Dutch government because this kind of care improves efficiency. If the workload is too high for the informal caregivers, they cannot keep up the work and more patients will be sent to inpatient care. Every six months a nationwide survey is held by NIVEL (research organization for Dutch healthcare) and the Dutch foundation for Alzheimer disease, to research the workload of these informal caregivers. The last survey unfortunately showed no change to 2011.

As described in the article by NIVEL: “Four out of ten informal caregivers of dementia patients feel that the workload is “quiet heavy”, more than one out of ten feels the workload is “very heavy” or “overburdened”. Many informal caregivers have the feeling they have to bear the care all on their own; they are caring day and night and this situation is never-ending. It matters if the care receiver lives at home or not. Carers with the patient at their home, expect that they cannot keep up the care as long as if the patient would stay in a nursery home. ”

The Dutch government wants to stimulate a situation where everyone can live independent as long as possible in their own home. Because of that, budgets will be relocated. In 2015 local authorities will get budget and will be responsible for this kind of care support. We, Vitaphone Netherlands, have the impression that managers and caregivers understand the need to use available technical aids in their work. Thanks to modern technology, caregivers don’t have to wonder: “Did I already provide the 12 o’clock medication?”. The Medication Adherence Support System takes that responsibility and the caregiver can focus on more important tasks.

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Author: Indy Kavelaars

Source: NIVEL

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