Infographic: Long Term Care

A shift is taking place in long term care (ltc). This infographic visualizes this change with focus on the US.

Highlights are:

  • The number of people using ltc facilities will increase to 27 million in 2050;
  • Tech spending is on the rise: budgets for 2014 grew and this budget will go toward new investments;
  • 54% of the ltc organization respondents say technology decreases medical errors;
  • 73% state that it improves productivity;
  • A whopping 99% believe that technology helps them enhance overall care.

What is your opinion about technology in your healthcare organization? Tell us what you think.




Author: Indy Kavelaars
Source: CDW Healthcare

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One thought on “Infographic: Long Term Care

  1. Samantha Wright says:

    Through medical advancements, more people can stay with their loved ones and receive care at home. Most people prefer to spend the latter part of their lives at home rather than inside long-term care facilities. Through technology like medical alarm systems, telehealth and equipment like chairlifts, caregiving will be much easier and much safer. There are still some people who are a fan of the traditional caregiving but I hope they will be more open in this technology revolution for higher quality care. Thank you for sharing this infographic about long-term care. It’s really helpful and sums up the future of long term care.

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