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Is Dutch Healthcare Ready for Self-measurements?

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The Nictiz* publication ‘self-measurements in Dutch Healthcare’ makes clear that these activities are not correctly implemented in the mainstream healthcare process. Self-measurements have two different starting points; initiated by healthcare professional or by a patient/person. To ensure that self-measurements are used correctly, Nictiz presents several recommendations;

  • The introduction of self-measurements in the usual care process is helpful and offers many opportunities to improve treatment efficiency. We confirm this statement. We provide tools and services so that many persons can measure and send their bio-sensor information in a fast and easy way.
  • There’s a big need for standardization of data to accomplish a better exchange of information; international standards like HL7, IHE and Continua Health Alliance, are the starting point.
  • Specific certification is needed for self-measurement devices; especially for the devices (sensors, mobile devices and apps) that save data, to ensure that the data is absolutely reliable.
  • Besides healthcare industry and consumers, healthcare professionals also need to make a move. One move should be that care professionals must gain more knowledge about self-measurements.

Healthcare community and industry are partly ready for further implementation of self-measurements, but it is clear that we still need many improvements.

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: Whitepaper ‘Zelfmetingen en de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg’ door Nictiz

*National IT Institute for Healthcare in The Netherlands

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