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Is de zorg klaar voor zelfmetingen?

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Uit de Nictiz publicatie ‘zelfmetingen en de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg’ wordt duidelijk dat zelfmetingen nog niet of nauwelijks op de juiste manier in het reguliere zorgproces worden geïmplementeerd. Zelfmetingen starten op initiatief van de patiënt en behandelaar. Om zelfmetingen op een goede manier te kunnen regelen, worden er door Nictiz een aantal aanbevelingen gedaan.

  • De invoering van zelfmetingen in het reguliere zorgproces is nuttig en biedt veel kansen voor efficiëntere zorg; Vitaphone sluit zich hier helemaal bij aan. Wij zorgen voor de tools en services zodat personen op een eenvoudige en precieze wijze zelfmetingen kunnen doen en kunnen communiceren naar de arts.
  • Er is zeker behoefte aan standaarden zodat uitwisseling van gegevens mogelijk wordt. Daarbij moeten internationale standaarden voor interoperabiliteit en connectiviteit, zoals HL7, IHE en Continua Health Alliance, als uitgangspunt dienen.
  • Specifieke certificering van zelfmeetapparaten is nodig; hiermee wordt er vooral gedoeld op de verschillende apparaten (sensoren, mobiele apparaten en apps) die gegevens vastleggen, zodat de betrouwbaarheid van gegevens beter gegarandeerd is.
  • Naast de industrie en de consumenten zijn ook de zorgprofessionals aan zet; er is vaak weinig kennis over zelfmeetapparaten. Zorgprofessionals moeten zorgen voor kennis vergaring en overdracht.

De gezondheidszorg en -industrie is deels klaar voor verdere invoering van zelfmetingen, maar er moeten duidelijk nog verbeteringen doorgevoerd worden.

Auteur: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Bronnen: Whitepaper ‘Zelfmetingen en de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg’ door Nictiz

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Chronic diseases threaten to overwhelm Europe’s healthcare system

The goal of this research was to pinpoint where the problems and solutions are to tackle chronic diseases and to extend healthy life years. Some very interesting results of this research:

  1. Between 70% and 80% of European healthcare costs are spent on chronic care, amounting to €700bn in the EU. Chronic diseases account for over 86% of deaths in the EU. This is huge and growing every day! To change this evolution, we need to change our mindset on delivering care
  2. Scientists believe the disease burden can be prevented and substantially delayed. “The four basics” of primary prevention are already known: a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol intake
  3. Not only primary prevention plays an important role in reducing the burden of chronic diseases also secondary (early diagnoses) and tertiary prevention (early intervention) activities are crucial. Vitaphone has several solutions to support people’s healthcare, especially on secondary and tertiary prevention
  4. It’s never too early to tackle chronic diseases. We agree: the earlier the diagnose, the better the disease control
  5. Chronic conditions are very different as acute conditions and so the care needs to be accordingly different organized. Vitaphone is offering solutions to manage chronic diseases in an adapted and affordable way
  6. Integration of medical services and other services such as mental health, in-home sanitary care, and instruction in self-monitoring and self-care methods are crucial components of creating an integrated, patient-centered chronic care system. I could not say it in a better way
  7. As part of patient-centered healthcare, patients should be encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves, with appropriate support from a variety of providers. Vitaphone thinks that reimbursement of healthcare needs to be changed dramatically to reach that goal

Let’s change our strategy on chronic healthcare!

Author: Indy Kavelaars @ Vitaphone Netherlands

Source: Abbot Report, Never too early: Tackling chronic disease to extend healthy life years

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Vitaphone at MEDICA 2013

Vitaphone at Medica 2013

Vitaphone will attend MEDICA 2013, the world’s largest trade fair with 115.000 m² of floor space, 4,500 exhibitors from 70 countries, 17 exhibitor halls, 5 exhibition areas, 6 forums, 5 congresses.

At our booth, we will show our latest developments. You’re invited to visit us in Hall 15, booth E04!

20 – 23 November 2013

Opening hours
Wednesday to Friday: 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Be also part of this international event >

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Does do-it-yourself blood pressure monitoring work?

Yes, it does work! Well there’s a “but” though, because it only works really well, when the patients’ doctor has an infrastructure to follow-up the readings. If there is no support by the doctor, taking the readings at home is much less beneficial. This is kind of obvious because if there is no action on the readings what is the point of taking them?

Speed-bumps are that doctors only get paid when a patient physically visits a doctor. Also the extra services and resources needed to act on the data aren’t always available too. But results like an improved systolic pressure by 3.4 points to 8.9 points after a year, compared with usual care, are very promising.

Many different indicators of diseases can be measured right from your own home. At Vitaphone we are going a step further; we are providing patients’ the tools to manage their own care. For example take a look at our Medication Adherence Support System; the PICO.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Author: Indy Kavelaars

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Innovation statistics: Netherlands ranking 4th worldwide!

We’re very proud of the Dutch score in the Global Innovation Index 2013. In the table below you can see the ranking of all countries. The Netherlands scored a 4th place with an innovation score of 61.1 points.

Some conclusions:

  • Switzerland is leading the score;
  • The United Kingdom beats the Netherlands (but only with 0.1 point);
  • The Netherlands is more innovative than the USA and Germany.
Global Innovation Index 2013

Source: The Global Innovation Index 2013, http://strat-staging.com/content.aspx?page=data-analysis

Let’s focus on the Netherlands: what are the strengths and weaknesses? In the next table you find the different indicators used to identify the weaknesses and strengths of innovations in the Netherlands.

Things you might notice:

  • Online e-participation and online creativity is very high (99.2);
  • The low percentage of graduates in science and engineering!
The Global Innovation Index 2013

Source: The Global Innovation Index 2013, http://strat-staging.com/content.aspx?page=interactive-SW

Vitaphone Netherlands contributes to the high score because we develop and implement new solutions to make healthcare more efficient and effective.

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Clinical trials are flourishing in developing countries

This is no surprise because clinical trials are heavily depending on labor costs of healthcare professionals. These professionals are just cheaper in developing countries. But we do not think this is the only way clinical trials can save money and be more accurate too. Vitaphone is convinced that technology is key in this. Most of our technology is self-explaining to the user and needs to be setup once by the healthcare professional.

The article “Clinical trial logistics and the globalization of clinical trials” also stated: “In Large parts of the Western world, there is an increasingly bureaucratic and expensive regulatory system. Over recent years, the regulations governing clinical research have become progressively more complex meaning companies have to be more cautious when it comes to compliance and associated concerns. Such regulations are designed to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of clinical trials, but are often deemed to be uncoördinated and increasingly complex to understand.”

We can’t change politics, but we can offer technology that really helps CROs to work efficient. We can provide accurate and promptly available digital patient data!

Source: Journal for clinical studies

Author: Indy Kavelaars

Editing: René Stenvert

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Remote monitoring of cardiac electronic implants is a success!

Our German Vitaphone colleague’s participated in a very successful clinical study. In this study, monitoring devices for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices used our telemedical service center (TmSC). The objective was to investigate if this concept improved the patient’s and physician’s satisfaction. In the scheme you find situation A as the old situation, with no TmSC, and B as the new situation, with our TmSC.

Telemedicine Service Center - Vitaphone

Telemedicine Service Center – Vitaphone

This study shows that 64% of the patients experienced an overall better care and 73% felt a feeling of increased security.
Among 17 physicians from 10 sites, 65% experienced that the TmSC contributed to an overall better patient care. The majority of physicians appreciated the improved feeling of security for the patient (82%), a faster reaction to home monitoring messages (71%), and a more time-efficient use of home monitoring (71%). Furthermore, nearly half of physicians thought they were able to improve treatment efficacy and their relationship to the patient because of the timely receipt of relevant information from the TmSC, compared with potentially infrequent home monitoring data analysis by their own in a busy clinical routine.

Source: Liebertpub

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Vitaphone Nederland feliciteert bijnier vereniging NVACP!

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Addison en Cushing Patiënten is opgericht in 1988. In 2013 bestaat NVACP 25 jaar, dit jubileum wordt gevierd op 31 mei en 1 juni. Hiervoor hebben zij onder andere een congres georganiseerd voor alle NVACP leden, (huis)artsen, verpleegkundigen, specialisten en re-integratie experts.

Vitaphone zal hier ook aanwezig zijn en heeft voor alle leden van de NVACP een mooie aanbieding op het gebied van medicatie ondersteuning met de PICO. Voor mensen met een bijnier aandoening is het correct gebruik van medicijnen erg belangrijk waardoor de PICO een uitkomst kan bieden. De PICO helpt u bij het beheren en tijdig innemen van uw medicijnen; het zorgt ervoor dat u uw medicatie niet vergeet.

Meer informatie over deze aanbieding treft u op onze stand of u kunt contact opnemen met Vitaphone Nederland (013 – 4625630).

Het jubileum wordt gehouden

Locatie:               Hilton Royal Parc in Soestduinen

Adres:                  Van Weerden Poelmanweg 4-6

3768 MN te Soestduinen

Vitaphone congratulates the NVACP!

The Dutch Addison and Cushing Society (NVACP) was founded in 1988. In 2013, NVACP will have been in existence for 25 years and the Society intends to celebrate this jubilee by hosting a conference. This conference is organized for members, physicians and experts.

Vitaphone will also be attending this congress. We have a very attractive offer for every member in the area of medication support with the PICO. For every patient with a disorder of the adrenal and pituitary glands it is very important that medication is used correctly that is why the PICO is an excellent solution for them. The PICO supports you in managing your medication.

For more information on this great offer you can get in touch with us on our booth or give Vitaphone Netherlands a call at +31(0)13 – 4625630.

This silver jubilee will be at:

Location:             Hilton Royal Parc in Soestduinen

Adress:                Van Weerden Poelmanweg 4-6

3768 MN te Soestduinen

Source/bron: Bijnier vereniging NVACP

Author/auteur: Indy Kavelaars

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Tip 59: De PICO als geheugensteun!

PICO Medicatie Adherence Support Systeem

PICO medicatie ondersteuner

Over dementie zijn veel verschillende boeken te vinden maar de meest verkochte is toch wel “Had ik maar geweten” door Ruud Dirkse en Caro Petit. Van dit boek komt alweer een 7de druk uit en hierbij wordt ook aandacht besteed aan geautomatiseerde pillendozen. Tip 59 uit Had ik maar geweten: “Omdat mensen met dementie vaak geheugenproblemen hebben, is het tijdig en juist innemen van medicatie een aandachtspunt.” De PICO wordt omschreven als een “moderne versie van een medicijn dispenser”. Dit is omdat de PICO niet alleen een signaal geeft wanneer de medicatie vergeten is maar ook thuiszorg, apotheek of een familielid op de hoogte kan stellen in het geval van een foutsituatie. In de PICO zitten alle medicatie voorverpakt zodat per slikmoment alle medicijnen in één zakje zitten. Lees het stukje op www.modernedementiezorg.nl

De 7de druk zal deze week in de schappen liggen en online te bestellen zijn via www.hadikhetmaargeweten.nl

Meer informatie over de PICO kunt u vinden op www.picocare.com

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EuroHeartCare 2013

EuroHeartCare 2013 Glasgow, Scotland 22-23 March

EuroHeartCare 2013 Glasgow, Scotland
22-23 March

Vitaphone will attend the EuroHeartCare exhibition on 22 and 23 March 2013, Glasgow, Scotland. The EuroHeartCare Congress provides opportunities for cardiovascular nurses and allied professionals to come together and discuss innovations in practice and education, recent findings from research, and the challenges that confront them in cardiovascular care. Vitaphone will attend with ‘live’ ECG monitoring device demonstrations.

Also take a look at the EuroHeartCare exhibition website.

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